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When the winter solstice rolls around, you know it's time for the ALTAR, a self-supported speed-hike of the 30-mile classic Art Loeb Trail. It's a challenging and rewarding voyage consisting of over 9000' elevation gain, 7000' of that is in the first 17 miles. The trail starts just outside of Brevard, NC and finishes at the Daniel Boone Boyscout Camp at the base of Cold Mountain. The highlight of the run comes during the latter half when the trail ventures above 6000' atop the many southern balds of the Great Balsams. The Winter ALTAR challenge is to complete the trek between sunrise and sunset of the shortest day of the year. Winter in the wild, this is adventure running at its finest and most challenging.

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Date: Runners/Teams: Time(s): Weather and conditions:
12/21/2001 Adam March
David Kirk 
Matt Kirk
Sunny, clear, windy on balds little ice on trail
2001 ALTAR photo collage
2001 Report:
Date: Runners/Teams: Time(s): Weather and conditions:
12/21/2002 Matt Kirk
Jay Finkle 
David Kirk
Sunny, clear, windy on balds, more ice on trail
2002 ALTAR photo collage
2002 Report: