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Department of Linguistics
Smith Building, Room 101
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3155

My email address is my last name (note spelling) at unc.edu.

I am the Department's Director of Graduate Admissions (2005-), Director of Graduate Studies (2009-), and Diversity Liaison (2012-). I represent tenured faculty in the Division of the Humanities on the Faculty Council, 2012--16. I am also on the University's Financial Exigency and Program Change Committee (2013--).

Sign up here for the Linguistics Department's soundproof chamber in Dey 103.

Classes I regularly teach
Undergraduate research mentoring Graduate theses supervised
Useful stuff:

Stimuli: You are welcome to download my stimuli (see "Publications" below) and use them for any non-commercial purpose, including, of course, experiments of your own. I'd appreciate it if you let me know what you find, though.

Publications and presentations (non-exhaustive):

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