Linguistics 520: Linguistic Phonetics
UNC-Chapel Hill Linguistics
Fall 2014
Elliott Moreton

2014 Aug. 27 (W)

Topics: Source/filter theory. Resonances of schwa.


Assignment (for Friday, Aug. 29): Read Johnson 2.4 (resonance and schwa). Print out the ``Reflection and inversion'' handout (Sakai), and bring it to class.

2014 Aug. 25 (M)

Topics: HW 1. Vowels; source/filter theory. Source: the larynx and the glottal wave.


Assignment for 8/27 (W): Read Johnson 2.1 (voicing), 2.3 (vocal-tract filtering).

2014 August 22 (F)

Topics: Using Praat. Sound. Spectrograms.


Assignment for Monday, August 25:

2014 August 20 (W)

Topics: Course organization. Praat and the Ladefoged/Disner website. Intro to sound.

Assignment (to be done by 8/22 Fri):