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BioCalculus @ UNC

Math 233 (Fall'11)


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This is the central web site for PJM's courses.

This web site is actually a wiki, powered by PmWiki and hosted by the webservers. More information about PmWiki is available from

This is essentially a stock PmWiki install with the RSS and Atom web feeds enabled, along with a few select cookbook add-ons. Detailed information about this wiki setup is available on NetWiki.

Note that every page has a History link at the top and a Recent Changes link at the bottom. The former will show you historical changes for the page that you are on. The latter will list all pages and their changed times in whatever group you are in (like the Main group that you are currently in), while the (All) link next to it will list pages and changed times site wide, both of which are useful for keeping tabs on updates to the wiki pages.

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