Nilay Tanik Argon
Associate Professor
Department of Statistics and Operations Research
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Current Ph.D. Students:
  • Alex Mills, Dissertation title: "Patient Prioritization in a Mass-Casualty Incident with Resource Limitations," Expected graduation: August 2012 (co-advised with Serhan Ziya).
  • Chao Deng , Dissertation title: "Optimal Design and Control of Resources for Finite-Population Service Systems," Expected graduation: August 2012 (co-advised with Vidyadhar Kulkarni).
  • Huiyin Ouyang (co-advised with Serhan Ziya).
  • Zhankun Sun (co-advised with Serhan Ziya).


  • Yi-Chun Tsai, Ph.D., 2011, University of Wisconsin, Dissertation title: "Control and Design of Assembly-type Queueing Systems," Current Position: Statistical Analyst at Discover Financial Services, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Evin Uzun Jacobson, Ph.D., 2010, University of North Carolina, Dissertation Title: "Scheduling in Service Systems with Impatient Customers and Insights on Mass-casualty Triage," Current Position: Post-doctoral Fellow at Imperial College Business School, London, UK.
  • Shemra Rizzo, M.S., 2010, University of North Carolina, "Mathematical Models for Breast Cancer Screening Decisions."
  • Anushree Goyal, M.S., 2009, University of North Carolina, "Pooling in Queueing Systems."
  • Gurmeet Arora, M.S., 2009, University of North Carolina, "A Comparison of Multiple Replications and Batch Means Methods for Steady-State Simulations."
  • Remya Chandran, M.S., 2008, University of North Carolina, "Throughput Maximization in Production Flow Lines with Cross-Trained Workers."
  • Pranav Gupta, M.S., 2007, University of North Carolina, "A Computational Study on Patient Triage in the Aftermath of Mass-Casualty Incidents," (co-advised with Serhan Ziya).

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