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-How people make medical decisions

-Risk perception

-Decisions to get HPV vaccine

-Beliefs about HPV vaccine

-Decisions to get cancer screening

-False-positive medical tests



Recent news releases

9.11. Dr. Brewer wins the prestigious UNC Hettleman Prize. UNC article on page 6.SPH story.Lineberger story.


1.11. Menís openness to HPV vaccine could bolster impact of new FDA decision, reduce cancer deaths. UNC press release.


5.10. Launch of NC cervical cancer-free initiative.  Story by New & Observer picked up by CDC news service.UNC invitation to the press.


2.10. Cervical cancer-free initiative. UNC press release. Stories by Fayetteville Observer.


10.09. HPV vaccine hurts less than you think. UNC press release. Stories by US News, LA Times, and Herald Sun.


2.09. Parents learn about HPV vaccine mostly from drug company ads.LCCC press release. Story by Baltimore Sun. 


10.07. Patients want genomic test for breast cancer recurrence.UNC press release.Story by ASPH Friday News.


6.07. HPV vaccine unlikely to lead teens to have more sex.UNC press release.Stories by USA Today and UPI.


4.07. False positive mammograms have long-term consequences.UNC press release. Story by Reuters.


11.06. Half of people at high risk donít know they need a flu shot.UNC press release. Story by the Washington Post.




General stories

David Pesci
Director of Communications
UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health
T: 919.962.2600

Cancer-related stories

Dianne G. Shaw
Deputy Director of Communications
UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center
T: 919.966.5905

Noel Brewer

Associate Professor

UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health x to @)

T: 919.966.3282


Last updated December 11, 2013