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  ·     How people make medical decisions

  ·     Risk perception

  ·     HPV vaccine communication

  ·     Communicating risks of smoking

  ·     Cancer testing decisions


Recent news releases


8.2016. Parents more likely to support HPV vaccine requirements for school entry if states include opt-out provisions. Story by NPR.


8.2016. New Merck’s television commercials on HPV has ignited a fierce debate over whether the pharmaceutical giant is trying to shame parents into getting their children vaccinated for the most common STI. Story by The Washington Post.


10.2015. The big reason for the remaining low HPV vaccination rates doesn’t come from hesitant parents, but rather from primary care doctors who hesitate to recommend it fully and on time and approach their discussions with parents differently. Stories by NPR, New York Times, The Huffington Post and The Onion.



6.2016. There is little awareness of the chemical components of cigarette smoke amongst US adults, even though many of them report having looked for relevant information. Stories by MedicalXpress and Science Daily.


6.2016. Ghastly smoking-relating photos on cigarette packs do encourage smokers to quit. Stories by New York Times, U.S. News, MarketWatch and






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