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Computer Controlled Custom Peripherals


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Algometer. - Electronic Thimble Algometer main page.
Version for Windows XP and up.
Bead Timer.
Belt Stimulator.
COM Port Monitors:
  1. Finapres.
  2. Arduino.

Counter Timer for Behavior Testing
Detection & Perception Thresholds
EEG Calibration Checker
Electrical Stimulators. General.
Tests. Restricted (password protected).
PC Controlled Integrated Unit. Restricted (password protected).
Electrodes. Investigation.
Electrode Multiplexer.

Field Survey
Graph Option
Grill Thermode
Ischemic Device.
Lesser Evil Software.
Magnitude Estimation Device.
Medoc TSA II & Pathway Thermal Stimulators.
Medoc Pathway Calibration Check.
  1. RCNSD Menu.
  2. IT Menu.
  3. DZ Menu.

Micro-Electrode Trimmer.
  1. Creatiton World #1 (obsolete).
  2. Creatiton World #2.

Mucosal Algometer (Ultra-Sensitive Electronic Von Frey)
Multiple Stimuli w/ Mutliple Random Staircase.
Octal 50 ms. Single Shot
Other units and software.
Paw/Tail Flick.
Perception & Detection & Thresholds
Pressure Stimulator Software Help ( see Thumb Nail below).
Prod Tapper
Prospect Project.
Rotary Brush Stimulator (Quad) Information
Sample Scanning - Excel Macro
Serial Switch Box Logger
Sound Experiment.
Survey (Field Survey)
Thermal Grill
Thermal Stimulator (DRC original) information.
Thermal Stimulator Medoc TSA II.
Thermode for Rodents
Thermoelectric (Peltier) Module Controller (for Oral Hydration & other projects).
Electronic Thimble Algometer.
Thumb Nail Pressure Stimulator Main Page.
Thumb Nail Pressure Stimulator Software Help (Windows XP and up).
Tooth Abrasion.
TSA II Medoc Thermal Stimulator
USB/Serial TTL Output
VB6 to VB.NET translation
Vibrotactile Stimulator
Von Frey (Ultra-Sensitive Mucosal Algometer)
Wagner Algometer
Olivier G. Monbureau or

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