The Way It Should Work.

Medoc TSAII driver Window This UNC program communicates with the Medoc TSAII through an old Visual Basic 6 Medoc driver called "Shoval32.exe". When starting, this Medoc program attempts to communicate with the TSAII as shown at left.
Once communication has been established the UNC program: TSAII_UNC_2014.exe takes over as seen at right.
TSAII_UNC_2014 Main Window

The Way It May Fail.


Options.ini File Shoval32.exe reads the initialization file (Options.ini) located in the same folder as itself. From this file it gets, among other things, the thermode size and computer COM port to which the TSAII is supposed to be connected.
The UNC application (TSAII_UNC_2014.exe) also reads this same file to get the same data, some of which is displayed in the "Options" window accessible through the "Tools" menu
 Options window

1 - The Specified COM Port Does Not Exist.

When the case is identical to the one in the example above, the UNC application detects the problem before Shoval32.exe starts, and warns of the condition with the message shown below left.
Clicking the OK button will display the "Options" window as shown above right. Clicking the "COM port" combo box will display the list of serial ports currently available on the computer. Should the TSAII port not show on the list, make sure it is connected, give the PC a couple of seconds to re-enumerate the ports, and click the down arrow again.
Select the correct port by clicking on it then click "OK". The message at right will ask you whether you want to run in "Edit" mode. Clicking "No" will save the new COM port ID and Exit the program so it can be restarted with the correct COM port.

2 - The TSAII is Connected Through a Non-Supported Port.

The old Shoval32.exe driver does not recognize any COM port higher than COM9. Only COM1 to COM9 are supported.

3 - The TSAII Is Not Connected To The Specified COM Port

Communication Failure Message In this case the UNC application starts in "Edit" mode and the Medoc's driver flags the "!!! COMMUNICATION FAILURE !!!" error message.
Unless the intent is to run in "Edit" mode, the normal course of action would be to open the "Options" window through the "Tools" menu, fix the COM port ID problem, and restart the application.

4 - Another Process Interfered With The Initialization

Communication Failure Message Most of the time, this error message is caused by other activities on the computer that interfered with the initialization process. Restarting the application is usually the only action necessary.

5 - The "Options.ini" is Corrupted.

The software will react differently depending on the data.

File missing

The COM port will default to COM1, the thermode to 30x30 and Shoval32.exe will regenerate the file which will look like this:
The "Medoc Options" on the UNC application "Options" window will look like the image at right.

Thermode = -1

Shoval32.exe will not run but will pass control to the UNC application that should immediately be exited. The Options.ini file should then be manually restored (Copy/Paste).


6 - Other Bizarre Occurence.

One case of "!!!COMMUNICATION FAILURE!!!" was fixed by first running the VB6 version of the UNC TSAII software (no reason for the fix could be identified).

2014 February 05
Last updated 2014 February 05