Vergil: Some Links to Online Resources
Jim O'Hara, UNC-Chapel Hill Classics Department

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  The Vergil Project

  Syllabus for Latin 228 and 409, "Vergil's Aeneid"

  The Vergilian Society and the Journal Vergilius

  Vergilius Bibliography Index


  Virgil in Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and Renaissance: An Online Bibliography

  Some Dictionaries of Literary Theory and Related Areas

  Some links on rhetorical figures:


Bibliography (not just Vergil): see also other sites:

  TOCS-IN Search

  Gnomon: Titelsuche

  L'Anne philologique on the Internet  (UNC people can go through Davis Library—scroll down for Annee)

  Diotima Vergil Bibliography (esp. Dido, Creusa, Lavinia)

  A Bibliographic Guide to Vergil's Aeneid

       Ongoing project of Dr. Shirley Werner (note new url in 2001!)

Bibliographies (thats that website) from Niklas Holzberg of Munich on, inter alia

Vergil, Bucolica  and GEO Vergil, Georgica and Vergil, Aeneis  and Vitae Vergilianae (doc. will download for each)

  SOME AENEID BIBLIOGRAPHY (onsite; about 4 pages long; basic, slightly random)

  GEO SOME GEORGICS BIBLIOGRAPHY (by OHara, onsite; about 10 pages long; slightly random)

  BRIEF ECLOGUES BIBLIOGRAPHY (onsite; about 2 pages long; slightly random)

  A Hellenistic Bibliography by Martijn Cuypers, Trinity College Dublin, with a Vergil section

  Texts and translations online (of Vergil and related texts):

  Perseus Project Text of Vergil in English & Latin w/ Notes

  Perseus Text of the Eclogues in Latin with notes and English translation
  GEO Perseus Text of the Georgics in Latin with notes and English translation

  GEO Latin Text of Vergil: Aeneid and Georgics and Eclogues at the Latin linrary translation of the Eclogues (1916 Loeb)
  GEO translation of the Georgics (1916 Loeb) translation of Aeneid Books 1-6 (1916 Loeb)

  GEO The Georgics in English online at MIT's Internet Classics Archive

 The Eclogues in English online at MIT's Internet Classics Archive

  Theocritus Idyll 11 (Cyclops) in English at

  Aeneid Book 2 in Englishwith notes from Andrew Wilson incomplete, from 1419

  Aeneid Book 6 in English and Latin with vocab and notes from Andrew Wilson

  Maphaeus Vegius, "Libri XII Aeneidos Supplementum" --  from 1428, with a link to an English translation

  Maffeo Vegio, "Supplement to the Twelfth Book of the Aeneid," as translated by Thomas Twyne, 1584 --

  Pier Candido Decembrio, "The Thirteenth Book of the Aeneid" incomplete, from 1419

  Ruaeus' Prose Summary of Virgil's Aeneid MDCCCXXXI

  Henry Howard, Earl Of Surrey (1517?-1547)  Certain Books of Virgil's {AE}neis: Book II (excerpts)

  Aelius Donatus, "Life of Virgil" tr. into English by David Wilson-Okamura

  Latin text of Donatus, "Life of Virgil" and also here


   The Aeneid of Virgil- Dryden Translation

  Text of Servius' commentary on the Aeneid at Perseus

  Forum Romanum's great list of Latin authors available online

  Silver Muse: annotated texts etc. of passages from imperial Latin authors

  THE ARGONAUTICA of Apollonius Rhodius in English


  Columella, De Re Rustica in Latin

  Links to images of the text of Juan Luis de la Cerda's commentary on the Eclogues, Georgics, and Aeneid are available on the home page of Joe Farrell

  GEO Vergil's Garden Excellent illustrated guide to the plants in Vergil's Georgics by Holt Parker of Cincinnati
  GEO The Virgilian Intertext, Joseph Farrell (from Martindale, Camb Comp.)
  GEO THE PLANTERS OF THE ENGLISH LANDSCAPE GARDEN: Botany, Trees, and the Georgics, Douglas D. Chambers (book blurb)
  GEO CATO ON FARMING De agri cultura A Critical English Translation by Andrew Dalby
  GEO Maura Lafferty undergrad course on the Georgics

  GEO (From Prof. Lafferty: ) For the zodiac and other heavenly matters: Jim Kaler, Measuring the Sky: A Quick Guide to the Celestial Sphere.

  GEO Richard Thomas and poet David Ferry discuss Ferrys translation of the Georgics in 2007 on WGBH (half-hour)

  GEO James Rhoades 1891 translation online
GEO President Bush regales dinner guest with his thoughts on the Eclogues and Georgics


  Map of Italy showing Rome, Mantua

 GEO Three-figure relief with Orpheus, Eurydice, and Hermes  (on Perseus, from Louvre)

  Pic of the papyrus containing the Prologue to Callimachus' Aetia (click on pic to enlarge)

  Callimachus, "Prologue" to the "Aetia" Tr. Stanley Lombardo and Diane Raynor

  Andean pan-pipe. Radu Simion on the pan-pipe!

  GEO Images of Maillols woodcuts of the Georgics:  Here and here are some images of the woodcuts in the actual book, here is a cow, here are some beehives, and here are three wood nymphs, in two printings.

 GEO pic and brief bio of Joseph Addison d.1719, English essayist and translator of Virgil's Georgics

  GEO Medieval Manuscripts as Primary Sources, Professor Christopher Baswell (scroll down for MODULE C: Marginalia and Rewriting Virgil's Georgics, with images of manuscripts)

 GEO Virgil, Georgics and Bucolics (The Palatine Virgil).

  GEO Images of 1544 edition of Vergil printed in Venice, on sale for $7500!

 GEO Pic and info, linden tree (used for yoke in Geo. 1, which is quoted)

 GEO 1952 edition of Dryden's Georgics translation, with a pic

 map of Aeneas' travels

  Geography of The Aeneid of Vergil, A Web Reading Lesson by Edward Krug

  Supposed Cave of the Sibyl also here  and here

  Results for Aeneid in vroma image archive
  Vulcan and Venus pic

  Cyclopes at forge pic
  Vulcan pic
  HistoryWiz: The Aeneid Image Gallery Gallery: Vergil's Aeneid 1,2,4,6,10, and 12
  The Aeneid (bronze relief) by Harry Bates, A.R.A (1885)
  Virgil reading the 'Aeneid' to Augustus and Octavia
  Investigating Bellini's Feast of the Gods
Supposed Tomb of Virgil
  Map of ancient Rome

  VROMA images of Caesar, Caesar, Caesar, Caesar, Caesar on a coin, the Rubicon, Cleopatra?, Pompey. Info about these images here and here is VROMA's policy for image use.  VROMA's Augustus of Prima Porta, several views of a bust of Augustus (scroll down to 43ff), McManus' images (see here for info) including Agrippa, Antony and Octavia on a coin, Octavian on a coin, Augustus with toga and scroll cameo of Augustus and then another pic of it; another cameo; Augustus with the "civic crown; Augustus as pontifex, Augustus sacrificing, busts of Augustus and family members; Antony and Cleopatra on a coin (more pics still here including Livia, Caesar, Vergil etc.; see also here).

  Images at perseus  photographs of a number of coins and sculptures and buildings related to Augustus.  Here is their policy for image use.

Some pages with help on meter:

Some simple help on the hexameter: basic rules (this is an Aeneid handout) and practical rules for scansion from me, and the Silver Muse introduction to epic versification (i.e. meter). For a good page on the hexameter, with lots of metrical terms defined and illustrated, see the Skidmore page called Hexametrica. For some basic info see also here (hendecasyllabics, Sapphics, and elegiac couplet) and here (hexameter and elegiac couplet).


Latin poetry read aloud:

  Aeneid 1.195-207

  Harvard Recital page, with several passages from the Aeneid

  Aeneid, Book IV read by Wilfried Stroh. You can even download the mp3 and play it on your ipod or at parties

  Viva Voce- Roman Poetry Recited. Catullus, Horace, Vergil and more
  Aeneid, 1.1-49 read by Robert P. Sonkowsky, University of Minnesota.

  Ovid Metamorphoses Book 1 read aloud

      And more Latin from those people, with lots of links too:

  A few passages read aloud at Princeton, including the start of the Aeneid.



Articles and reviews:

Many articles and reviews and even books are now available from JSTOR, Google Books and Google Scholar, from Bryn Mawr Classical Review, and through Davis Library.


Notes/outlines/study questions (mostly for undergraduates):


Course websites:

  Vergil Class, Fall 1999

  Syllabus for Latin 228 and 409, "Vergil's Aeneid"


  Latin 312K, Vergil's Aeneid/David Cramer


  Virgil brief bibliography

  Epic & Empire: course Bibliography

  Classics at Carthage: Augustus

  TrojanWarCourseHome Page

  LAT213 Wesleyan-Vergil

  Classics at Carthage: Vergil

  cl420.html (good stuff at a Roman epic course at Middlebury C.)

  Joe Farrell's page on Aeneas' visit to Cumae, including images, map and info

Age of Augustus:

  Augustan Age links

  Roman Emperors - DIR--De Imperatoribus Romanis Roman History Roman Roman Empire Imperator Basileus De Imperatoribus Romanis

  The Julius Caesar Site

  Augustus: Testimonia, Univ. of Saskatchewan
  Augustus, University of Saskatchewan

  Augustan Bibliography

  Forum Romanum

 Text of Dio Cassius in English. see e.g. Book 45

  Augustus links on "Mantovano": links to Porter on the Rise of Augustus; Silverman on the transition from Republic to Empire, with an introduction to the primary sources as well as current historiography;  Ong on the formation of the second triumvirate, Antony vs. Octavian, the constitutional position of Augustus, his social reforms, and the second half of his principate

  Primary sources on "Mantovano": primary sources in English and sometimes Latin, such as Augustus's Res Gestae, Plutarch's Life of Marc Antony, a pic of Augustus' Mausoleum, the Latin text of a letter from Augustus to his son Gaius, a biography of Augustus by Nicolaus of Damascus, Suetonius' Life of Augustus, Tacitus' comments on Augustus and the end of the Republic, English translations of Augustan legislation on marriage, procreation, and adultery.

  The Background page for Augustus on "Mantovano" has links to Mayes on the Roman Kalendar, Fox's genealogical guide to the Julio-Claudians, Morford's page of photos and site plans, with commentary, of the Augustan mausoleum complex, the Ara Pacis, the Prima Porta statue of Augustus, and the Gemma Augustea, Paola's Visual Compendium of Roman Emperors (portrait coins and sculpture);  Renauld's pics of Portrait busts of Augustus and Agrippa; labeled details from the Ara Pacis August, Andrus-Walck's pics of and and info on the Prima Porta statue of Augustus, the Ara Pacis August, and the Theater of Marcellus.

  Julius Caesar on the "Mantovano" home page: Primary sources, background and images, modern essays and historical fiction on Octavian's adoptive father.

  John Paul Adams' Augustus page  with info and essays: dates in the life of Augustus, a page on the personal, religious, magisterial, and political responsibilities of the princeps, brief descriptions of  "Building Projects in Rome in Augustus' Time,"  "Some Augustan Legislation," "Augustus' Illnesses," "Conspiracies against Augustus"

  Garrett G. Fagan has an Introductory essay on Augustus, with bibliography and guide to ancient sources. From De imperatoribus romanis: An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors.  The same source also has an essay on Augustus by Nina C. Coppolino

  Rome: Republic to Empire  Pages of Barbara F. McManus of The College of New Rochelle; links to her pages on  Roman Slavery and the Rebellion of Spartacus, Julius Caesar, Antony, Octavian, and Cleopatra: (the end of the Roman Republic; our course!); Augustus and Tiberius (the beginnings of the Roman Empire), Caligula, Roman Names, Roman Republican Government, Roman Social Classes and Political Factions of the Late Republic

 Fiction About Ancient Rome and esp. the Augustan Age:

Sci-fi legend Ursula LeGuins 2008 Lavinia, on the woman Aeneas and Turnus fight over.  Amazon

  The Fictional Rome Home Page developed by Louis M. Seigal, Leslie Phillips & Fred Mench, and housed at supported by the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.  Searchable Database; Authors & Reviews; Essays; Glossary of Latin words used in novels; Information on Historical Figures; Reference Works on Historical Fiction; Timeline; Discussion; Web Rings; Links.

  John Williams, Augustus : Amazon blurb

  Texts of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra are available online

  Alan Massie, Augustus (1987) blurb

  Stephen Saylor has written several mystery novels set in Cicero's Rome.  Here's the "Roman Fiction" page.  Saylor's 1999 novel Rubicon is set in 49 BCE at the start of the war between Caesar and Pompey, and the next one, Last Seen in Massilia, is set later in 49 (Amazon blurb).  (And there have been one or two more recently)

  Hermann Broch's 1945 "The Death of Virgil"; see the "Roman Fiction" page for this bold novel, which was begun while the author was imprisoned in a German concentration camp, and which presents stream of consciousness remembrances from Vergil's last 18 hours of life

  I, Claudius, and Claudius the God, the novels by Robert Graves, the first made into a great Masterpiece Theater series on PBS, available in VHS and DVD .  Lots of info here ; here's the "Roman Fiction" page for Graves.

  Novels about Ovid I: Christoph Ransmayr, The Last World: A Novel with an Ovidian Repertory (1990); see the "Roman Fiction" page, which calls it a "metaphysical thriller" in which "a young admirer goes in search of the exiled poet ... in the remote Black Sea town of Toni ... [and] finds in the rust-corroded town an ominous scene suffused with and dominated by Ovidian mythology, a transformed place where the ancient world meets the 20th century.

  Novels about Ovid II: David Malouf, An Imaginary Life; "Roman fiction" page  Also Ovid in exile.
  Novels about Ovid III: The Love-Artist, by Jane Alison (Farrar, Straus &Giroux 2001). Again Ovid in exile, this time inspired by a woman named Xenia to write his "Medea".

  Thornton Wilder, The Ides of March

  Xena, Antony, and Cleopatra episode-guide with link to script of "Xena" episode; slightly different version of events (X. disguised as Cleo., woos then kills MA).  Other episodes that seem to (I haven't seen them) have Caesar or other Romans: Rome, Ides

other neat stuff:

  Bob Dylans borrowing of Aeneid 6.853, parcere subiectis (see start of Thomas article).  Youtube of song; see around 4:42.

  Bruce Springsteen and Aeneid 1.203 forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit.

  Carl Yastrzemski and the Augustus of Prima Porta

  Music from Purcells opera Dido & Aeneas

  Aeneid Corp. Buys InGenius Technologies

  President Bush regales dinner guest with his thoughts on the Eclogues and Georgics
  John Van Sickle on virgil bucolics georgics aeneid

  aeneid1.164-165: an attempt to present evidence from an older commentary

  Virgil/Vergil : BOOK of BUCOLICS : Sicelidas

  Virgil's Aeneid Literary Deck (onlinediscussion)

  SCENARIO for Radio-Drama: Aeneid Book I

  Latin 202 Meters (hendec's, elegy, hexameter)

  www.hoocher.Figures of Speech

  "The Vergilian Century" Conference (11/2000) Home Page

  Welcome to AP Latin

  On the Miraculous Nature and the Divine Origin of Virgils Georgics (satire)

  A Dido page (not what you think! : ^ ) )   (she was a classics major)

  "Random Homer Quote" (not what you think! : ^ ) )

  Evander  hereAeneas has a brother Achilles

  Different version (!) of Antony and Cleopatra ; cf. also on Rome, and IdesofMarch

  The Mighty Hercules


Other Epic Links (not updated for a long while)

General Classical Studies:

  Perseus Project: Great online material on Greek & Roman stuff: texts in Greek, Latin & English, pics of vases etc., historical and mythological background.

  Diotima: Women & Gender in the Ancient World (lots of info: links, pics, bibliog., some texts)

  Diotima Anthology of Translated Materials

  CLASSICS List (an internet discussion list; sometimes useful & fun)