Winter 2000/Spring 2001


To the Bosphore Egyptien, by Arthur Rimbaud. 
Translated by Mark Spitzer


Hernan Lopes de Castaneda on Vasco da Gama
and Africans. 
By Brijraj Singh

Sailors as Scribes:  Travel Discourse
and the (Con)textualization of the Khoikhoi
at the Cape of Good Hope, 1649-90.

By Henry M. Trotter

The Village Dispensary. 
By Andrew F. Clark


Wanderings:  Bamako, Moscow, Delhi, 
By El Hadjj Sekou Tall. 
Translated by Christopher Wise and Karl Steel

Personal Narratives

720 Hours in This Scept'red Isle:
A Literary Odyssey.

By Muchugu Kiiru

Reaching the End of the Road to London.
By Eric Attwell

Congratulations on Mandela! 
By Patrick Madden

Academic Travellers in America

Travel with a Purpose:
A South African at Tuskegee, 1913.

By Catherine Higgs

Going to America:  The Odyssey of Stephen Sithole, 
an African Evangelical Christian, 1938-53. 
By Michael O. West

Concerning Poetry

Exilic Consciousness and Self-Inscription 
in L. S. Senghor and Olu Oguibe. 
By Oyeniyi Okunoye

Remembering Theresa Sengova 
By Leslie Foster

Four Poems.
By Theresa Sengova


Travel-Writings by Africans:  A Reader's Guide. 
By Alasdair Pettinger


Four Poems. 
By Sandra Meek

By Layle Silbert

Rimbaud in Africa. 
By Laurel Speer

Bonjour Monsieur. 
By Roger Higgins

L'eau Vivant:  The Nuon River. 
By Lenae Nofziger

By Bruce Hutchinson

Poem for Six Voices, Kaolack, Senegal. 
By Charles Hood


Eccentric Graces:  Eritrea and Ethiopia 
through the Eyes of a Traveler. 
Reviewed by Imogen Forster

White Slaves, African Masters:  An Anthology 
of American Barbary Captivity Narratives. 
Reviewed by Gerald C. Horne

African Genesis:  Folk Tales and Myths of Africa.
Reviewed by Lenora Greenbaum Ucko


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