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Writers' Guidelines

The editors invite submissions of unpublished scholarly articles, true narratives, primary materials, fiction, poetry, reviews, and related literary artifacts. Black-and-white photographs are also invited. Submit clear copies, rather than originals, only. All work should be accompanied by S.A.S.E.

Contributors are typically paid with five copies of the issue in which their work appears. The Summers Prize for Excellence in Travel-Writing, an award of $250, is given each year to an essay, poem, or story selected from those published in JATW.


JATW (ISSN 1085-9527) is available directly from the editorial office. Also, libraries may subscribe through EBSCO and other agencies; and individuals may subscribe through the Multimedia Newsstand.

New subscriptions (which include the current issue, as well as the following issue) are $10 to individuals, $14 to libraries. Add $4 to each international order.


The Journal of African Travel-Writing
P. O. Box 346
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

We cannot accept manuscripts as electronic attachments. Otherwise, the editors welcome e-mail.

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