Number One

September 1996

True Narratives
An American in Gabon
In its fiftieth year, a Fulbrighter considers the program.
An essay by Phillip Richards.

Hotel Terminus
Portuguese Africa in 1957. A guest list.
Correspondence by Richard J. Houk.

In Search of Ethiopianism
Religion and politics in Zimbabwe.
An essay by Michael O. West.

Author and Hero
Does it matter who wrote West with the Night?
An essay by Robert Viking O'Brien.
Coming undone in Tambala.
A story by Eileen Drew.

Lady in the Slip
A woman's secret story.
A novel excerpt by Sandra Jackson-Opoku.

Love and betrayal in elephant country.
A story by Lisa Fugard.

The Traffic in Egypt
A tour leader looks beyond the brochures.
An essay by Kelly Mustian.
Bernard Binlin Dadie's memoirs
Reviewed by David Allen Case.

Thom Jones's Cold Snap
Reviewed by Rob Trucks.

Black Atlantic writers of the 18th century
Reviewed by Kathryn Rummell.

By Gerry Dawson and Julia Bryan.

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