Number Four

April 1998

Textual Provenances

Father Lobo, Ethiopia, and the Transkei
Why Rasselas was not a Mpondo Prince.
An essay by M. van Wyk Smith.

Voyaging in Search of Pepper and Slaves
Recent literature on Vasco da Gama.
An essay by Stephen Gray.

Merensky and Nachtigal in Southern Africa
A contemporary source for King Solomon's Mines.
An essay by Joseph O. Vogel.

A nineteenth-century discussion of the lost city.
An item by J. D. R.

Lives of the Poets

Mother Tongue
Solomon Mutswairo and Musaemura B. Zimunya.
Interviews by Angela A. Williams.

True Narratives

Observing Rwanda's Recovery
A legal anthropologist observes the aftermath of tragedy.
An essay by Laurel L. Rose.

Tarzan Cannot Return to Africa, but I Can
In Ghana, the author goes toe to toe with the legend.
An essay by Kalamu ya Salaam.

William Henry Lewis
A missionary in Sierra Leone and Ghana, 1910-18.
An essay by Ronald E. Kibler.

True Adventures in Africa
Pioneer days of the Advent Movement in West Africa.
An essay by William Henry Lewis.


The Glass Wall
Bad practices in Axder.
By John B. Carpenter.


Two poems
By Lynn Veach Sadler.

Two poems
By Charles Hood.


Somebody Else: Arthur Rimbaud in Africa
Reviewed by Stephen Gray.

Plant Collectors in Madagascar and the Comoro Islands
Reviewed by Blair Orr.

Christian Missions in Zimbabwe 1890-1939
Reviewed by Angela Schwer.

Hotel Lambosa
Reviewed by Thomas Alan Holmes.


By Lea Alford and Available Light Press.

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