Number Two

March 1997

Relocating Burton
Public and private writings on Africa.
An essay by Greg Garrett.

On the Doorstep of Africa
A consideration of Dan Jacobson's Electronic Elephant.
An essay by Sheila Roberts.

A Journey to El Dorado
A deconstruction of Thomas Baines's narratives.
An essay by Neville James Smith.

Narratives from the Peace Corps

Peace Work
An introduction by John Coyne.

Naming the Faith
Peace Corps work in northern Senegal.
An essay by Bill Hemminger.

Moments of Intimacy
Peace Corps work in Cameroon.
An essay by Mary Beth Simmons.

Echoes from Chad
Peace Corps work in Chad.
An essay by Mike Mutschelknaus.

More True Narratives

Desert Sunsets
Repair to Naimey's Grand Hotel.
An essay by Ronald B. Duber.

The Other Side of the Sun
A guided tour of Cape Town's townships.
An essay by Laura Resnick.

Return to Maputo
A visit to the Association of Mozambican Writers.
An essay by Stephen Gray.

Mare Lodge
A traveller's reverie on the nature of African literature.
An essay by Latham Shinder.


A Spring of Bullets
And four more poems by Jose Craveirinha.
Translations by Stephen Gray and Luis Rafael.

One White European Trader
A response to reading Heart of Darkness.
A poem by Laurel Speer.


Eileen Drew's The Ivory Crocodile
Reviewed by Thomas Alan Holmes.

The screenplay of The English Patient
Reviewed by Jennifer Fremlin.


By Available Light Press and Leah Alford.

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