Number Seven

Winter 1999

Inscribing Africa (and Ourselves) in Fiction.
By Shannon R. Wooden.


How Kenyatta Danced.
By I. M Gurin.

The Grace of God.
By Michael Herrick.

Like an Infant in the Night:  A Novel of Africa.
By Greg Garrett.

A Stranger at Home.
By Albert Russo.

The Ivory Coast.
By Tatyana Mamonova.

In Fact . . . Fiction?

Ethiopia and Dystopia in Evelyn Waugh's African Books.
By Bernard  Schweizer

Fact or Fiction:  Harry Dean and the Dream 
of an Ethiopian Empire.
By John Gruesser

"When in Rome . . .":  Irony and Subversion in 
Bernard Dadié's Travel-Writing.
By Michael Syrotinski

Writing and the Illusion of Civilization:  Fatal Flaws 
in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. 
By Muhonjia Khaminwa


Ham Mukasa's Uganda's Katikiro in England.
Reviewed by Sean Redmond

Albert Schweitzer's The Primeval Forest 
and Out of My Life and Thought.
Reviewed by Andrew Kubrin

Peter Chilson's Riding the Demon:  On the Road in West Africa.
Reviewed by Frank Bures

Neil Peart's The Masked Rider: Cycling in West Africa. 
Reviewed by Patrick Madden


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