Number Six

April 1999

Fables of Childhood
Africa as Play in the Childhood of the Brontës
An essay by Christine Alexander.

Fables of Childhood on the Zambezi
An essay by Clayton G. MacKenzie.

I Knew that I Would Be a Special Case
An essay by Sharon Hodge.

Fiction by Erin FitzGerald.

Moroccan Terrains

The Discontented Young Men of Fez
An essay by Layle Silbert.

The Snows of Toubkal
An essay by Michael Koch.

Oriental Terrains in Paul Bowles's Their Heads Are 
Green and Their Hands Are Blue
An essay by Timothy Weiss.

Art into Life

Heart of Darkness in Gabon: "One of Marlow's 
Inconclusive Experiences"
An essay by Robert S. Fredrickson.

In the Market: Bricolage in Gabon
An essay by Jonathan Pitts.

Safari as a Way of Life: the Role of the Performative 
in "Student Transport Aid"
An essay by Hayden Bixby Nichols.


Going to Jinja
By Jim Stuntz.

Olifants Camp
By W. Patrick McCafferty.

Human Nature
By James R. Lee.


The Journals of Dan Eldon and Peter Beard's 
Beyond the End of the World
Reviewed by Amber Vogel.

The Journal of Gustaf de Vylder: Naturalist 
in South-Western Africa (1873-1875)
Reviewed by Stephen Gray.


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