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Full-text Essays

Mother Tongue
Interviews with Musaemura B. Zimunya and Solomon Mutswairo.
by Angela A. Williams

Author and Hero
Does it matter who wrote "West with the Night"?
by Robert Viking O'Brien

Hotel Terminus
Portuguese Africa in 1957. A guest list.
by Richard J. Houk

Relocating Burton
Public and private writings on Africa.
by Greg Garrett

Desert Sunsets
Repair to Naimey's Grand Hotel.
by Ronald B. Duber

Safari with the Hadzabe
Hospitality among Tanzania's hunters and gatherers.
by Adam Levin

Full-text Reviews

Plant Collectors in Madagascar and the Comoro Islands
reviewed by Blair Orr

John Hanning Speke's Journal
reviewed by Sean Redmond

Keith Richburg's Out of America
reviewed by Wolf Roder and Bob Press

Eileen Drew's The Ivory Crocodile
reviewed by Thomas Alan Holmes

The English Patient as screenplay
reviewed by Jennifer A. Fremlin

Thom Jones's Cold Snap
reviewed by Rob Trucks

Bernard Dadie's An African in Paris and One Way
reviewed by David Allen Case

Black Atlantic Writers of the 18th Century
reviewed by Kathryn Rummell

Full-text Poems

A Spring of Bullets
by Jose Craveirinha

One White European Trader
by Laurel Speer

The Age of Nostalgia
by Theresa Sengova

The Traveler's Sight
by Sonia Gomez

by Charles Hood

The Traveller at the Source of the Nile [1826]
by Felicia Hemans

by James R. Lee

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