Number Three

September 1997

Systems of Belief

Defining the Primitive
C. G. Jung's "Bugishu Psychological Expedition."
An essay by Blake W. Burleson.

In the Time of the Fruit of the Baobab Tree
Coming-of-age ceremonies in Kenya.
An essay by Sheila Cole Nilva.

Translucent Heavenly Mermaids
On Jihad, women, and daily life in Islamic Sudan.
An essay by Dawood H. Sultan.

The View from a Window
Christmas and other observances in Sudan.
An essay by Anastasia Hall Sultan.

Systems of Learning

An Epoch in Ten Days
Lessons in life and death in Addis Ababa.
An essay by John B. Carpenter.

Romancing St James
An Australian's educative encounters around Bulawayo.
An essay by Peter Hodge.

African Portraits
Sierra Leonean students write on their own lives.
Essays gathered by Leslie Foster.

Against Systems

The economics of experience in Zimbabwe.
A short story by Melissa Tandiwe Myambo.

Safari with the Hadzabe
Hospitality among hunter-gatherers in Tanzania.
An essay by Adam Levin.


The Traveler's Sight and Parallel
By Sonia Gomez.

The Age of Nostalgia and Picture of a Lonely Fly
By Theresa Sengova.

Short Slide Show
By Kate Krautkramer.


Keith Richburg's Out of America
Reviewed by Wolf Roder and Bob Press.

A new edition of John Hanning Speke's Journal
Reviewed by Sean Redmond.


By Available Light Press, Leah Alford, and Law Alsobrook.

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