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Bobbi Owen

Michael R. McVaugh Distinguished Professor of Dramatic Art, College of Arts and Sciences, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Professor of Dramatic Art

Costume design and costume history, based in Western and non-Western traditions, form the basis of my teaching, with a first-year seminar occasionally added to the mix. I write about theatrical designers with books including Costume Design on Broadway (1987) and Broadway Design Roster (2003), the catalog for the United States entry in the 2007 Prague Quadrennial, Design USA (2007) with Jody Blake, and The Designs of Willa Kim (2005). I edited Late and Great: American Designers from 1960-2010 (and contributed an essay about Raoul Pene du Bois), published in 2010 as part of USITT's 50th Anniversary celebration.

I also have research interests in traditional dress around the world which is increasingly disappearing and therefore even more important to document. NowesArk is an electronic study collection that contains information about traditional garments and accessories in the Department of Dramatic Art including some I have collected. NowesArk is a companion website to Costar, an online archive of vintage clothing, mainly from the 19th and 20th century, located in the Department of Dramatic Art at UNC-Chapel Hill. My colleague, Professor Judy Adamson, and I collaborate on that site together with students and faculty members. Both collections are used by students in the classes we teach and are a valuable means to study the materials, construction, provenance, and patterning of historic clothing.

Department Office: 213 Center for Dramatic Art, CB# 3230, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3230
Phone: 919 962-2483; FAX 919 962-5791
Office Hours: by appointment


Bobbi Owen is also known as Roberta A. Owen and Mrs. Gordon J. Ferguson.

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