Costume Design I

Fall Semester 2003; T-TH 12:30-1:45;  213 Graham Memorial

Professor Bobbi Owen owenbob@unc.edu
Office: 213 Center for Dramatic Art
Office Hours: 12:00 Noon-2:00PM Mondays or by appointment
Course page: http://www.unc.edu/~owenbob/DRAM167/167Fall2003.html
Revised: 8/16/03


Drama 167 introduces students to the art and craft of costume design. Plays are read, characters are analyzed, historical research is conducted, preliminary sketches are drawn and critiqued, and final renderings are presented for four increasingly complex assignments. The class is not about making costumes but rather is about creating the designs from which they are made. An emphasis is placed on realistic presentation, and while the ideas in a sketch are valuable, being able to present them visually is critical to success. Attendance at each PlayMakers Repertory Company production during the semester is required.

Course Schedule:

Course Topic
August 26 Course Introduction  
28 Tools of the trade; course supplies  
September 2 Understanding Stage Costumes Cunningham, p. 16, 121-144
4 About plays and directors Cunningham, p. 17-48
Biloxi Blues character analysis
9 Doing research for modern dress plays. Cunningham, p. 49-66 parts
Biloxi Blues research
11 About drawing Cunningham, p. 147-182
16 Biloxi Blues sketches due  
18 Choosing fabrics Cunningham, p. 183-210
23 The Designers tools Cunningham, p. 67-120 parts
25 About painting  
30 Biloxi Blues renderings due  
October 2 Angel Street character analysis  
7 Doing research for period plays Cunningham, p. 49-66 parts
9 Angel Street research  
14 Angel Street sketches due  
16 The Designers tools Cunningham, p. 67-120 parts
21 Angel Street renderings due  
No Class Fall Break  
28 The Ugly Duckling research  
30 About drawing  
November 4 The Ugly Duckling sketches due  
6 About painting  
11 The Ugly Duckling renderings due  
13 Othello character analysis  
18 Costume plots, charts and lists  
20 Othello research  
25 Othello character/fabric/color plot due  
No Class Thanksgiving Holiday  
December 2 The designer’s tools Cunningham, p. 67-120
4 Othello renderings due  


Graded Assignments:

Biloxi Blues 20% September 30, 2003
Angel Street 20% October 21, 2003
The Ugly Duckling 20% November 11, 2003
Othello 20% December 4, 2003
Participation & Development 20%  
Final Exam (80%)  Tuesday, December 16, 2003 8:00 AM

Each of the four finished projects is worth 20% of the grade, with class participation and development over the semester comprising the final 20% portion. All renderings must be presented at the time of the final exam. Any revised sketch submitted must be accompanied by the original. Written critiques and one-on-one meetings will occur after each project deadline so students can assess their progress during the term.

Tools of the Trade: