Statistical Principles for the Behavioral Sciences
Psychology 215
Fall 2010

We are meeting in Room 347 Davie Hall from 11-12:15 am starting on Tuesday August 24, 2010.  

Brief Course Description

Psychology 215 is an undergraduate quantitative psychology course for Bachelor of Science psychology majors who have calculus and computer backgrounds. Beyond the traditional content areas in psychological statistics (descriptive statistics, graphics, the full range of inferential statistics) and course activities (homework assignments and exams), students get hands-on experience analyzing their own data and using the concepts they learn in the course. In small groups they design a survey instrument, collect relatively large samples of data, analyze aspects of the data using SPSS and the methods covered in the course, and prepare an APA-format paper.

To access the Psychology 215 portion of the this web site, you need to have special access information that is distributed during the first class period by the instructor to enrolled students. If you do not have the code and are interested in seeing the course materials, you should contact Dr. Panter at To access course materials, click below.


What Will You Find Here?

This portion of the web site includes: p215 News, the class list, our course syllabus and course philosophy, detailed descriptions of homework assignments, data sets to download, sections related to the semester-long survey project, quantitative places to visit, step-by-step instructions about using IBM SPSS, information about inferential tests covered in the course, information about writing about statistics, study questions for the midterm and final, and contact information.

Happy Statistics!!