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Research Areas

Current Funded Projects

  • The Educational Diversity Project: A large-scale examination of links between race and other factors and educational diversity in over 8,000 incoming students at 64 U.S. law schools. Collaborators are Charles Daye (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Walter Allen (University of California, Los Angeles), and Linda Wightman (University of North Carolina, Greensboro, retired).
  • The Arthritis, Coping, and Emotions Study: A multiwave project exploring how emotions and coping after the onset and course of osteoarthritis in residents of a mostly rural NC county. Collaborators are Brenda DeVellis (PI), Robert DeVellis, and Joanne Jordan (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill).

Measurement and Methods

  • Item response model and structural equation modeling applications in areas such as personality measurement, substance abuse, and quality of life 
  • The Sage Handbook of Methods in Social Psychology (Sansone, Morf, & Panter, 2004)
  • Efficient designs for daily diary data

Program Evaluation

  • Statistical and methodological issues in program evaluations of HIV/AIDS multisite demonstration projects
  • Evaluations of educational training programs, especially for health care providers


  • Methodological investigations of multitrait-multimethod data, especially for personality designs using interbattery factor analytic approaches, structural equation modeling, multilevel models, analysis of open-ended responses
  • Personality structure of free responses
  • Psychometric evaluations of personality instruments


  • Innovative approaches to teaching quantitative psychology