Psychology 51

Fall 2010

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Cryptography - Caesar Cipher

Unc Libraries - Google Scholar - By using Google Scholar through UNC Libraries you should be able to access electronic copies of the article through the UNC Libraries' holdings. If you are off campus you will be prompted with a screen that asks you to authenticate your login using your onyen.

You may need to restrict which libraries are searched using the preferences settings for Google Scholar. You should indicate that you want library links for UNC.

Setting preferences also allows you to use a Bibliography Manager, which gives you "citation import links" for each article that is found.

RefWorks - You can create an individual account for the UNC Chapel Hill group on the Refworks manager. This allows you to save lists of articles, share those lists and generate bibliographic references from them. Your individual account on RefWorks does not use your onyen.


Psychological Science

Current Directions in Psychological Science


Trends in Cognitive Sciences

APA Format

APA Reference Format Cheat Sheet

Summary of APA Format

Research Ethics

UNC Institutional Review Board

UNC IRB Resources

The Belmont Report