The Physics of Rotary vs. Piston Engines

Created by Nick Perza, Gabe Dunlap, & Evan Reed
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This website was created as a project for the course Phys100 at UNC Chapel Hill for the following assignment. The goal of our website is to explain the physics concepts underlying rotary and piston internal combustion engines, as well as the advantages and disadvantages to both.

Both Rotary and Piston internal combustion engines have many physics principles in common:

How to Get the Engine Parts Moving

Work and Efficiency

Transfering the Energy From the Engine to the Wheels and Measuring the Engine's "Power"


Page 2: The Physics Behind Rotary Engines
Page 3: The Physics Behind Piston Engines
Page 4: Comparison (Advantages & Disadvantages)
Page 5: Nick's Rotary Powered Mazda Rx-7
Page 6: Works Cited


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