Rotary vs. Piston Engines

Advantages & Disadvantages

The Wankel Rotary (In Comparison to Piston Engines)



When weighing all of these factors into consideration, it can be seen that a rotary engine is best suited in either high performance sports cars or race car applications that desire the simplicity, light weigt & compact design, and high rpm, high power output the engine provides while not caring about the difficulty in passing emission regulations, increased fuel and oil consumption, decrease in low rpm torque, and decrease in longevity of the engine.

Page 1: Intro & Combustion Engine Basics
Page 2: The Physics Behind Rotary Engines
Page 3: The Physics Behind Piston Engines
Page 5: Nick's Rotary Powered Mazda Rx-7
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Information Provided By Evan Reed (4/19/09)

Edited By Nick Perza (4/19/09)