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Design collagePatrick began his design studies during high school with instruction in engineering design graphics. Years before learning graphics modeling in CAD, Patrick would sketch mechanical drawings on paper taped to a drafting table using nothing more than a t-square, an assortment of drafting templates and a mechanical pencil. After advancing in drafting classes, the instructors introduced Patrick to CAD modeling.  This was the beginning of a journey into computer aided design.

Following high school, Patrick continued taking design courses while attending the technical college at East Tennessee State University. After graduation he moved on to start up a print design business, then later transferred his skills to web design where he is today.

Here is some of the work that he has been involved in over the years. There are designs for logos, websites, a costume, a truck kayak rack and home interior.


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Behind the scenes: This page template uses the Lightbox2 image viewer created by Lokesh Dhakar (the cool part when you click on an image). It has been repurposed to dynamically pull images from my Google Picasa web albums using the Picasa API feeds. One of these days I will zip up the files so others out there can enjoy as well.

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