Status Report
April 16, 2004
Documentation and interpretation of results Write The Vanishing Newspaper: Saving Journalism in the Information Age Various In production at University of Missouri Press for publication in Fall 2004
Explication of Influence Theory Write a summary article In Newspaper Research Journal, Winter 2004 Issue
Accuracy audit (mail survey) Measure the reporting accuracy of as many of the 33 newspapers in our sample as time and money will allow. Correlate accuracy with credibility and penetration. Knight Foundation communites plus selected Putnam communities plus Raleigh and Durham Surveys complete for 22 newspapers in 20 cities. 
Bibliography of news quality and credibility Compile existing quality measures articles 1983-2003  Developed by Thorson
Copy editor assessment (mail survey) Evaluate the constraints on quality’s last gatekeepers. National sample of newspapers, with PPS selection Data analyzed
Carolina Poll Replicate KF and Putnam surveys in Raleigh-Durham Telephone RDD sample Design and IRB by Robert L. Stevenson. Fielded March 18-22. Data merged with KF surveys
Content analysis quality assessment Replicate and update Leo Bogart’s 1978 quality assessment Knight Foundation communites plus selected Putnam communities plus Raleigh and Durham (N= 35) Student projects 2002. Papers presented at AAPOR, May 2003.
Quality priorities of newspaper editors Replication of 1978 Bogart survey ASNE members Meyer-K.H.Kim paper presented to AEJMC, Kansas City, July 30, 2003.
Effect of credibility on circulation penetration  Documentation of the death spiral 21 KF communities plus Durham and Raleigh Meyer-Zhang paper Presented to AEJMC, Miami Beach, Aug. 10.
Editorial staff turnover Measure turnover as a factor in quality ASNE members Abandoned
Trends in editorial staffing Measure staff size as a factor in quality About 1000 ASNE member newspapers Meyer-M.Kim paper Presented to AEJMC, Miami Beach, Aug. 7, 2002. Published in Newspaper Research Journal 24:3 (Summer 2003)


Effects of minority staffing on minority readers Search for specific effects of ASNE minority program 21 papers, secondary analysis of KF, ASNE data Report by Terry Adams and Johanna Cleary presented to SAPOR, Oct. 4, 2002
The virtuous cycle Toward a theory of newspaper marketing Various Preliminary results presented to ASNE, April 9, 2003
History of investor relations for newspaper companies (with Jane Cote, Washington State University - Vancouver) Learning how the newspaper business reached its present relationship with investors and their analysts through interviews with participants in that history Convenience sample of available players IRB approved May 14, 2002. Eight interviews completed. 
Connecting credibility to ad revenue Adjust published advertising rates for differences in market characteristics so that they can be tested for correlation with newspaper credibility 23 newspapers from KF and Carolina surveys Report Presented at AAPOR conference, 
May 17, 2003
Measuring readability Establish a mean Flesch formula as a quality measure KF communities and others Data collection  complete for 40 newspapers
Finding DICTION applications Develop a measure of community connection in newspaper
KF communities and others M.A. thesis project 2003
Editing accuracy Assess copy editors' attention to spelling and grammar The KF newspapers and others Student project, Fall 2002.