The Vanishing Newspaper

The Profit and Social Responsibility dictionaries on p. 76 are incomplete. For the complete list of words in each dictionary, go here.


The following errors were corrected in the second printing. The printing number can be found behind the title page, sixth line from the top (after “All rights reserved”), and is the last number in the series 5 4 3, etc. If the last number is a 1, you have the first printing, and it contains these errors.


p. 111, 4th line from the bottom. Substitute the word “ease” for “difficulty.”  code writers decided that numbered lists with periods lowered reading ease.


p. 134, 3d line. Strike the word “communities.”


p. 168, line 19. “The Media Management Institute” should be “The Media Management Center.”


p. 201, 5th line from the bottom. The word at the end of the line should be “county,” and not “count-“.


p. 218. In footnote 27, the newspaper should be Raleigh News & Observer, not Charlotte News & Observer.


p. 253, 12th line. The name of Koang-Hyub Kim should be hyphenated.


p. 263. The index reference to “Media Management Institute” should be changed to “Media Management Center.”


p. 267. The index reference to “Ridder, Tom,” should be deleted.




The following errors were scheduled for correction in the fourth printing:


p. 129. Change second sentence in fourth graf to read:


        Stephen Lacy and Frederic Fico realized that editors' values might not be a sufficient measure of

what they actually do. (deletes reference to Chapter 4)


        (And then add this footnote) Stephen Lacy and Frederic Fico, "The Link Between Newspaper Content

Quality and Circulation," Newspaper Research Journal, 12:2 (Spring 1991) 46-57.


p. 163. Fourth graf,  change "The dependent variable" to "The independent variable ... "


p. 203. Third graf, last sentence: Gannett went up against the locally owned Democrat and lost out to the

local owner. (Democrat instead of Democrat-Gazette and "the" local owner instead of "a" local owner.)


Same page, Neuharth quote should refer to "the Democrat-Gazette," not "the Arkansas Gazette."


p. 229, fifth line from the bottom. Amount should be $123.7 billion (not million).

The following error was scheduled for the fifth printing

p. 209.  Middle of the page. "So the number of pencils you need to sell, if you are to break even the first year,
 is 200,000 divided by .04 (not .03) or 5 million pencils