On April 25th, Greg McCallum, a wonderful pianist, presented a CD-Release performance of his work, The Southern Quilt. Parts of this suite were a fantastic replication of the sounds of a working mill on the piano. Greg worked this piece out, and first performed it, in the White Furniture Factory of Mebane, N.C., where Joe Thompson worked for many years. Joes performance in concert at the factory that evening affected Greg, and he wanted to present Joe's playing during the CD Release event.
We backed Joe up on Old Joe Clark, John Henry and his resounding I Shall Not Be Moved, a perfect song for the sanctuary where this performance took place.

Here's Greg introducing the show.

Greg in action.

Joe Thompson and friends, now this is how a fiddle player should look!.

Joe singing I Shall Not Be Moved

Joe and a fan, note the rare public appearance of Kevin (Chris) Delaney, talking to the bass player and drummer who accompanied Greg on his medley of Hymns.

Joe Thompson

Thanks to Greg McCallum for including us in his performance. You can find out more about Greg and his music at gregmccallum.com