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Inspired by the music Bobby Patterson, Richard Bowman, Nancy Sluys and Tom Mylet were putting out at the Mt. Airy Fiddlers Convention. The first 4 selections are from an out of print LP (Leader LED 2053, 1973, UK, thanks Bobb) entitled Virginia Reel. The remainder are from one of the finest titled LP's ever made, Mountain 301 "Blue Ridge Mountain Square Dance Time".
Kyle Creed: Cacklin' Hen
Kyle Creed: Dance All Night
Kyle Creed: Redwing
Kyle Creed: Pig in a Pen
Kyle Creed: Rocky Mountain
Kyle Creed: Sourwood Mountain
Kyle Creed: Alabama Gals
Kyle Creed: Chinese Breakdown
Kyle Creed: Goodbye Liza Jane
Kyle Creed: Stack-a-lee
Kyle Creed: Roscoe
Kyle Creed: Richmond
Kyle Creed: Wooden Indian
Kyle Creed: Walking in my Sleep
Kyle Creed: Bill Cheatum
Kyle Creed: Western Country

Recently, in Greensboro, I chanced upon a near-mint copy of County-718, Ernest East and the Pine Ridge Boys. What a seminal album! Having long ago worn out my copy, this one got digitized immediately. Chris King at County Sales was kind enough to let me post these recordings here. Featured are Ernest East on fiddle (just one fiddle on these cuts, amazing), Scotty East - guitar and vocals, Mac Snow, guitar, and Gilmer Woodruff, banjo. Listening to June Apple makes you realize how much a part of the Camp Creek Boys sound Ernest was.
Ernest East: Sally Anne
Ernest East: Greenback Dollar
Ernest East: Richmond Cottillion
Ernest East: Roll On Buddy
Ernest East: Fortune
Ernest East: Mississippi Sawyer
Ernest East: Western County
Ernest East: Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
Ernest East: Pig in the Pen
Ernest East: June Apple
Ernest East: Knoxville Girl
Ernest East: Hell Amongst the Round Peakers

Some new additions: a cross-A waltz from K.C. Kartchner and Uncle Dick Hutchison playing the Oklahoma Rooster

K.C. and Merle Kartchner: The Black Hills Waltz
Uncle Dick Hutchison: The Oklahoma Rooster