Some oldtime 78 mp3's:
Tommy Magness: Polecat Blues
Tommy Magness: Natural Bridge Blues
Hiter Colvin: Monroe Stomp
Allen Sisson: Rocky Road to Dublin
Allen Sisson: Walking Water Reel
Allen Sisson: Rymers Favorite
Osey Helton: Rocky Road to Dublin

Charlestons # 1-3 - Narmour & Smith
Narmour & Smith: Charleston No. 1
Narmour & Smith: Charleston No. 2
Narmour & Smith: Charleston No. 3

And now for something completely different! The Taylor-Griggs Louisianna Melody Makers!
Where the Sweet Magnolias Bloom
Yodellers Serenade
Big Ball in Town

Dig the B part to Big Ball in Town! (more Melody Makers recordings to come...)

And here they are!
When the Moon Drips Away into Blood
The Garden's Fairest Flower
Sweet Rose of Heaven
On the Bridge at Midnight
'Mid the Shamrocks of Shannon
'Tis All Over Now

I had to get this version on line, after listening to Wayne Martin and Craig Johnson fiddle it.
Ernest Stoneman and Kahle Brewer: West Virginia Highway (Ebenezer)

Boyd Asher's Old Christmas
Boyd Asher: Old Christmas

The Old Virginia Fiddlers (Spangler and Pearson)
Midnight Serenade
Leather Britches
Tommy Love
Coon Dog (Angeline the Baker)
Walking in My Sleep
Mississippi Sawyer
Jenny Lind Polka
Susanna Gal
At a Georgia Camp Meeting
Rock the Cradle, Joe
Hop Light Ladies
Patrick County Blues (Rochester Schottische)

Note: No cleaning up of the sound has been attempted, other than what Joe B. (or the various editors of the tapes) provided.