The crew getting started on the post holes.

What it looked like before.

Joe surveying the damage.

Clare, Joe and Deb.

Myself, pouring concrete into post holes. Amazingly enough, it didn't need to be wet to set the posts.

Lining it up.

Jamey and Larry H. set the first posts as Vern watches.

Larrys' great Steve Martin imitation.

Alan and Clare.

The frame's up.

Joe and Jamey.

Piling the dirt we hauled out back into the post holes.

Laying the porch. This went fast with at least three hammers flying.

Sitting down on the job but getting it done!

Joe approves of what's going on.

Time for a break.

The Mebanesville Melodymakers and Joe Thompson.

Joe Thompson.

Almost there.

Measuring the banister height.

Joe and Pauline surveying the scene.

Joe and Pauline on their porch.

Nettie breaks it in.

Here it is!

Feeling mighty good about it!

Thanks to Alan and Larry Vellani for the fine shots, and for all whom contributed to make this possible.