Birds of Carrboro, NC

Other Critters of Carrboro

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Reptiles and amphibians

Carolina anole - Anolis carolinensis (October).

Copperhead snake - MVA fatality (September).

Black racer snake - Coluber constrictor (March).

Little turtle (July).

Big turtle (September).

Toad (October).


Deer (June).

Gray Squirrel.

Gray Squirrel, with leaves.

Rabbit (May).


Black and Yellow Garden Spider - Argiope-aurantia (October).

Parsons Spider - Herpyllus ecclesiasticus (May).

Another Parsons Spider - Herpyllus ecclesiasticus (June).

Spider with dinner (August).

Spider in web (October).

Apheloria-Tigana - millipede (May).

Butterfly (October).

Tiger Swallowtail butterfly, with bee (July).

Spicebush Swallowtail, Papilio troilus (July).

Some butterfly or moth? (October).

Some butterfly or moth? (October).

Some worm hanging by a threat (September).

Bee (October).

Bee (October).

Some leaping bug (October).

Wasp (October).

Pipe organ mud dauber wasp, collage (June).

Maggot (December).

Winged critter (May).

Moth on the wall (October).

Moth on the window (June).

Spider on the screen (April).


Slug (October).

Diversion to Maryland's Eastern Shore

Silver-spotted Skipper (July).

Hummingbird Clearwing Moth (July).

Japanese Beetle (July).