Toward linked data: Library of Congress Medium of Performance Thesaurus
Presentation given for Jane Greenberg's Organization of Information Class at UNC-SILS, February 2013 [slides]
(This presentation and my work at the Library of Congress was featured in Library Journal's InfoDocket, the Metadata Research Center newsfeed and the UNC-SILS newsletter)

The Library of Congress Medium of Performance Thesaurus: Deployment through the Open Metadata Registry
Presentation given for the Library of Congress Medium of Performance Thesaurus Working Group, January 2013 [slides] [notes]

Recommendations for Dryad Curators and Scientists: A Research Memo
I performed research on user-provided subject description, and presented these findings to the lead Dryad curator. This work will allow scientists to use metadata best practices to describe their data in ways that will make it highly accessible to other researchers in the future. [PDF]

SKOS: a beginner's guide
A guide which will allow catalogers, librarians, and other information professionals to understand and use the Simple Knowledge Organization System, a W3C standard designed for the representation of controlled vocabularies on the Web.

XML vocabulary design project
I developed a vocabulary for describing resources for the interpretation, analysis, and performance of pieces of music. Creation of this vocabulary involved scoping a problem, making decisions about key trade-offs, and choice of meaningful XML tags and attributes.

Music Information Retrieval: A Literature Review
Music information retrieval is a small subfield within traditional information retrieval. For the purposes of this piece, I selected publications which are overviews of MIR as a field and publications having to do with user discovery of music. [slides]

A Bibliographic Overview of English-Language Opera Translation
This paper aims to give an overview of the subject and guidance for librarians wishing to meet the needs of users searching for opera translated into the English Language. [paper] [appendix] [slides]

Translation and Interpretation of the Lied: An Annotated Bibliography
This bibliography is a compilation of sources dealing with the interpretation and translation of German art song, or Lieder.

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