Principal Investigator

Dr. Pew-Thian Yap's major research interest lies in diffusion MRI and its application to the characterization of brain white matter connectivity. He has made vital contributions to advancing innovative neurotechnologies for human brain mapping by developing novel algorithms for studying white matter circuitry in the human brain. His current research focuses on the clinical application of these technical innovations, as well as the development of cutting-edge neuroimaging technologies. In particular, he has employed a fiber-based approach to characterize brain white-matter connectivity of pediatric subjects, giving fundamentally important neuropsychological insights into human brain development in the first years of life. Current efforts are being directed at extending this framework to incorporate information from different imaging modalities (structural MRI + functional MRI + diffusion MRI), and applying this novel analysis paradigm to a number of important clinical studies, including Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, and multiple sclerosis, for both prognosis and diagnosis purposes.

Scientific Areas: Diffusion Modeling, Spatial Normalization, Morphometry, Atlas Construction, Brain Tissue Segmentation, Skull Stripping, Tractography, Fiber Clustering, MRI Acquisition, MRI Reconstruction, MRI Super-Resolution, MRI Denoising, Machine Learning, Compressive Sensing, Human Brain Connectomics, Structural/Functional Brain Networks, Brain Development, Disease Diagnosis, Disease Staging, Alzheimer's Disease, Schizophrenia, Autism, Internet Addiction.

Postdoctoral Research Associates
Postgraduate Students
Visiting Scholars

Dr. Pei Zhang

Mr. Geng Chen

Dr. Haiyong Wu


Dr. Jian Cheng (Postdoctoral Research Associate) - now with NIH.

Dr. Ke Li (Visiting Scholar) - now with Beihang University, Beijing, China.

Pew-Thian Yap
3123 Bioinformatics Building
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