DFViewer (Displacement Field Viewer) is a simple tool for visualizing displacement fields estimated in association with image registration. Based on the displacement vector field, a mesh is generated for visualization. The mesh can be color mapped with the jacobian determinant at each point for better localization of regions that undergo compression or expansion. Key features:

  • Jacobian determinant color mapping.
  • View synchronization.
  • Save/Load view configurations.
  • Conversion from deformation fields.
  • Conversion from HAMMER displacement fields.
  • Drag-and-drop mechanism for opening file.
  • Adjustable mesh resolution.
  • Option to save mesh in VTK format.
  • Option to view mesh in different image planes.
  • Glyph (arrow) view.
  • Accepts multiple image formats, including NIfTI (.nii.gz or .nii), NRRD (.nrrd or .nhdr), and MetaImage (.mha or .mhd).


MATLAB MEX files for reading/writing ITK supported image files.