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What is MMS?

  • MMS is a JAVA applet that will solve a Mastermind code if given correct input about it's guesses.

How to play.

  • First select your secret code from the color peg box. To do this click on the color you want and then click on the location you want it. If you want to remove a peg from your code, just click on it. When you are happy with it click the "Ready" button.
  • Now the computer will start guessing, after each guess it will wait for your input about the guess quality. Place the appropriate black and white pegs on the board and then click OK
  • If your input is incorrect the computer will not be able to solve your code! The computer will detect such a situation immediately or after a few more guesses. After such a situation is detected it will quit. If this occurs start over.
  • If you would like to play a new game before the end of the current one, click on the "Quit" button.


How MMS works

Ongoing work

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