Lab Members

Post Docs

Yun-Chen Chiang (Jeanne)

Alex Arreola

My thesis project is to elucidate what early genetic events following von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressor gene mutation/loss may be critical for renal cell carcinoma tumorigenesis. I employ the use of various conditional mouse models and derived primary neonatal epithelial kidney cells to characterize at the cell and molecular level, what cells are more prone to tumorigenic events.

Graduate Students

Samira Brooks
Graduate Student, Toxicology
Catherine Fahey
MD/PhD Student

Catherine is working with a chemical synthetic inhibitor screen to identify small molecules which selectively act in SETD2 deficient cells. We will then study the effect of these compounds on chromatin organization and cell phenotype.
Armando Corona
Graduate Student

Undergraduate Students

Sudarshan Mohan
Undergraduate Student, Majoring in Biostatistics and Quantitative Biology

Lab Alumni

Christie Chmielecki Sanford, DDS. Dental Practice, Greensboro, NC

Caroline Martz Lee, MD, PhD. Med-Pes Resident, Duke University

Courtney McGuire Yerxa, MS. Genetic Counseling, Duke University

Raymond Stadiem, MD, MPH. Endocrinology Fellow, University of North Carolina

Shufen Chen, MD, PhD. Research Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina

Tricia Wright, PhD. Graduate Education Office, Indiana University

Rose Brannon, PhD. Staff Scientist, Novartis Corporation

Lance Cowey, MD Oncologist, Baylor Sammons Cancer Center

Leslie Kennedy, PhD Graduate Student, University of North Carolina

Heather Horne, PhD Staff Scientist, KBI Pharmaceuticals

Scott Haake, MD Oncology Fellow, Moffitt Cancer Center

Neal Rasmussen, PhD Post-Doctoral Fellow, Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University

Adam Sendor, BS Medical Student, The Medical University of South Carolina

Kate Hacker, PhD Medical Student, University of North Carolina

Zufan Debebe, PhD KBI Biopharma Inc., Research Triangle Park, Durham NC