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Recent Publications

Wheeler RA, Twining RC, Jones JJ, Slater JM, Grigson PS, Carelli RM (2008) Behavioral and electrophysiological indices of negative affect predict cocaine self-administration, Neuron, 57, 774–785.
Owesson-White CA, Cheer JF, Beyene M, Carelli RM, Wightman RM (2008) Dynamic changes in accumbens dopamine linked to learning of intra-cranial self-stimulation.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 105(33):11957-62.

Roitman MF, Wheeler RA, Wightman RM, Carelli RM (2008) Real-time chemical responses in the nucleus accumbens differentiate rewarding and aversive stimuli. Nature Neuroscience, 11(12):1376-1377.

Jones JL, Day JJ, Aragona BJ, Wheeler RA, Wightman RM, Carelli RM (2009) Basolateral amygdala modulates terminal dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens and conditioned responding. Biological Psychiatry, 67(8):737-44.

Day JJ, Jones JL, Wightman RM, Carelli RM (2010) Phasic nucleus accumbens dopamine release encodes reward cost during effort-related decision making. Biological Psychiatry, 68(3):306-309. PMCID: PMC2907444.

Wheeler RA, Aragona BJ, Fuhrmann KA, Day JJ, Jones JJ, Wightman RM, Carelli RM (2011) Cocaine cues drive opposing context-dependent shifts in reward processing and emotional state, Biological Psychiatry, 69(11):1067-74. PMCID: PMC3090459

Cacciapaglia F, Wightman RM, Carelli RM (2011) Rapid dopamine signaling differentially modulates distinct microcircuits within the nucleus accumbens during sucrose-directed behavior.  The Journal of Neuroscience, 31(39):13860-9. PMCID: PMC3197228.

Sugam JA, Day JJ, Wightman RM, Carelli RM (2012) Phasic nucleus accumbens dopamine encodes risk-based decision-making behavior. Biological Psychiatry. 71(3):199-205, PMCID: PMC3253943.

Cameron CM, Carelli RM (2012) Cocaine abstinence alters nucleus accumbens cell firing dynamics during goal-directed behaviors for cocaine and sucrose.  The European Journal of Neuroscience. 35(6):940-51. PMCID: PMC3674635.

Saddoris MP, Sugam JA, Cacciapaglia F, Carelli RM (2013) Rapid dopamine dynamics in the accumbens core and shell: Learning and action. Invited review, Frontiers in Bioscience, 5:273-288. PMC – In Process.

Sugam JA, Saddoris MP, Carelli RM (in press) Nucleus accumbens neural responses to reward outcomes track risk-taking behaviors, Biological Psychiatry. PMC – In Process.

Saddoris MP, Carelli RM (in press) Cocaine self-administration abolishes associative neural encoding in the nucleus accumbens necessary for higher-order learning, Biological Psychiatry. PMC – In Process.

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