Garden of the Sufis
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A young Whirling Dervish

Tasawwuf, or Sufism as it is known in the West has been closely associated with the practices of mystical Islam. It has been called the religion of the heart. And like the heart, it knows no boundaries or labels. Sufism is not a dogma, but a system of living, a path toward Unity and a mirror of Love and Compassion for Humanity. Sufism offers the seeker a constant engagement in the world. This path requires Faith and Belief coupled with Sincerity and Service. It is a complex and subtle system which expresses itself in a myriad of forms, among them, Music, Divine Ceremonies of Remembrance (Zikrs) and Spiritual Dialogues (Sohbets). Garden of the Sufis is an attempt to offer a small fragrance of the many roses that open up when one walks down this Path.

Musicians perform devotional Sufi music
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