S.W.O.T. Analysis


Internal Strengths

• Mars is one of the Top Products in the Mind of Consumers
• Milky Way is a Top 10 selling candy bar
• Mars products outsells chocolate candy market internationally
• Mars is a High Brand Preference in consumers
• There is an established image and advertising presence for Mars products
• There is a large variety of Milky Way products : Milky Way Original, Milky
Way Lite, Milky Way Midnight all available in regular, king and fun size.
There is also an ice cream product.

Internal Weaknesses

• Mars has many different products in which it has to promote
• M&M’s is the number one selling candy in the chocolate market; however
this product steals most of the promotion and advertising money
• Milky Way has a low sales percentage of Mars domestic market share
• Because of constantly changing campaigns, people are not aware of Milky
Way’s positioning in the market

External Opportunities

• 81% of households consume chocolate candy
• Women are reluctant to eat fat grams through chocolate consumption
• There is a growing interest in dark chocolate
• The market is still maturing in America as well as internationally
• Ex. Switzerland has 22.4 pounds consumption per person per year.
America only consumes ½ of this.

External Threats

• Competition gaining access to chocolate market
• Unlike its competitors, such as Hersheys, Mars has a lack of “Creation and
production of new candy bars”
• Hershey continues to lead US in production and consumption of chocolate
• Product innovations of other brands continue to gain market share over Mars

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