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Last updated December 1, 2011

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Process. After the Eagle Packet arrives at the council Eagle Service Desk, council staff checks that advancement dates match council records, and that all reference letters have been received. Council then forwards the packet to the District Eagle Committee chair.


The Eagle Committee chair checks the packet for completeness and contacts the candidate’s unit to schedule the board of review.


What to wear. Class-A uniform with all insignia correct (including merit badge sash), or dress as you would for a job interview.


After the board, you will be asked to complete a council Eagle Project Registration form, and return it to the chair of your Eagle board of review. S/he will forward it, along with the signed EAGLE SCOUT RANK APPLICATION and other necessary documents to the council office.


It generally takes no more than three weeks for the national office to review the applicant’s records and ship the Eagle presentation materials to the council office.




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