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The BSA Guide to Advancement clearly explains the purpose of boards of review and provides guidance for their conduct. Section covers boards of review generally; section addresses Eagle boards of review specifically. Adults who sit on boards of review, Scoutmasters, and others involved in Eagle advancement must be familiar with this material.

Eagle candidates and their parents/guardians will also find this material helpful in learning what to expect from the board of review.

Preparing for the board of review

Council preparation (average time 20 days often depends on receipt of recommendation letters)

Eagle packet: The Eagle Service Desk reviews the rank application for consistency with council records and the application and project workbook for appropriate signatures.

Recommendation letters: The Eagle Service Desk holds packet materials until all recommendation letters are received, but for no more than 30 days. Council staff will try to contact missing references, but forwards the packet to the district Eagle Committee chair as-is after 30 days.

District preparation (average time 10 days)

Eagle packet: the Eagle Committee chair reviews the rank application and project workbook for completeness and consistency with requirements. Any deficiencies found are resolved before a board of review is scheduled.

Board membership: the Eagle Committee chair assigns a member of the District Eagle Committee (as chair) and four members of the District Eagle Board, emails this information to board members and the unit Eagle point of contact, and mails the packet to the assigned board chair.

Unit preparation (average time 10 days)

The unit Eagle point of contact communicates with board members, the Scoutmaster, and the candidate to coordinate the time and place for the board of review.

Candidate preparation

What to wear: Class A uniform according to your units custom, or clean and neat in appearance dress appropriate for an office job interview.

Eagle Project Registration: On successful completion of the board, candidates are asked to complete an Eagle Service Project Registration Form (page 13 of the council Life to Eagle Guide), including a photo of the project. Candidates may bring this completed form with them to the board of review.


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