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Project Plan Approval

Last updated December 1, 2011

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DO THIS FIRST: Get a copy of the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook. You can download the 2011 version from the Resources page of this web site. Read it. The whole thing.


Begin a record of time you spend planning and developing the project. You must report the number of hours you spent planning the project, once itís complete.


Draft the project plan. Use this outline. This will require careful thinking, and most likely some leg-work (to obtain sources and prices for materials, for example), so donít expect to knock it out in a couple of hours. Ask your adult adviser in your unit to read the plan and suggest ways to improve it.


Submit a draft of your plan to the District Eagle Committee. Once you and your adult adviser are satisfied that your project plan is ready, email an electronic copy to the District Eagle Committee chair (his email address is on the Contacts page). In your email, be sure to include your:

         name and unit

         date of birth

         draft project plan


Meet with the District Eagle Committee Chair. When your plan is ready for approval, the committee chair will contact you to arrange a meeting. You must bring to this meeting:

         the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook completed through the PROJECT DETAILS section, and including in the designated spaces all original signatures and dates

         a buddy Ė a parent, sibling, or friend (not necessarily an adult)


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