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Project Plan Outline

Last updated December 1, 2011

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This is an outline describing what needs to be in each part of the project plan section of the Eagle Leadership Service Project Workbook. Headings taken directly from the workbook are in red.



Describe the project you plan to do. In a brief paragraph or two summarize your project. Include the name of the organization or group for whom the project is being done, the location of the project, and describe major tasks to be done.


What group will benefit from the project? Provide the requested information about the organization or group for whom the project is being done.


My project will be of benefit to the group because: In a brief paragraph or two, explain how your project will benefit the group for whom it’s intended. If appropriate, explain how the project will benefit the larger community. Include the requested information regarding discussion of your project with your unit leader and a representative of the benefiting organization.



Plan your work by describing the present condition, the method, materials to be used, project helpers, a time schedule for carrying out the project, the estimated cost of the project, and how the needed funds will be obtained. Describe any safety hazards you might face, and explain how you will ensure the safety of those carrying out the project.


Here is a detailed outline that will guide you in providing the amount of detail required to satisfy the requirement to develop and plan your project. Not all parts of this outline are appropriate for all projects – if you are unsure whether to include one, seek advice from your Eagle adviser.


Present Condition

Create a “word picture” of the site or context of your proposed project as it is now. A few carefully selected “before” photographs are helpful, but not required.



This is the heart of the project plan. Describe in detail the steps required to complete each aspect of the project. Include enough detail so that another Life Scout could complete the project using only your written instructions. Use this section to put together your list of materials, supplies, and tools to be sure that you’ve accounted for everything needed to complete the project.


Plans, Drawings, Designs

Optional, but very helpful where appropriate. This section may include a site map showing key features of the present condition or proposed project, or construction plans or diagrams for parts of the project. May be hand-drawn and need not be to scale.



Describe any materials needed for the project. Include dimensions if appropriate, number needed, cost (don’t forget sales tax), and where you’ll get it from.



These are items that will not become part of the project, but are needed to complete it – things like sandpaper, trash bags, paper, pens/pencils, etc. Include dimensions if appropriate, number needed, cost (don’t forget sales tax), and where you’ll get it from. May be combined with Materials.



List all tools required to complete the project, including the number needed, and where you’ll get them from. If tools must be purchased or rented, include the cost (remember sales tax where appropriate). May be combined with Supplies and Materials.


Project Helpers

Estimate the number of helpers you’ll need to complete the project, and describe any special skills or qualifications needed. Describe how and from where you’ll recruit helpers.


Time Schedule

Describe when project tasks are to be done, in what order, and approximately how long each will take.


Estimated Cost

Estimate the total cost of the project; describe how it will be financed, and how money will be accounted for. Include costs of materials, supplies, and tools, as well as any incidental costs, such as transportation or disposal fees or refreshments for helpers – don’t forget sales tax. If the benefiting organization will pay all or part of the cost of the project, explain how funds will be disbursed. Describe how you will keep track of project funds and purchases to ensure that all money is accounted for.



Describe any potential health or safety hazards particular to your project, and what steps you will take to prevent or avoid them. Describe how you will be prepared in the event of an injury.


Adult Supervision

BSA has specific expectations of adults supervising activities. They are outlined in the Guide to Safe Scouting. It is your responsibility to ensure that adults providing supervision for your project understand and agree to adhere to these expectations, and to say so in your plan.


Work Site

Describe all sites where work on the project will take place. If appropriate, describe the location or availability of any needed utilities such as water or electricity.



Where appropriate describe how materials will be transported to work sites, or from one work site to another. If your project will involve transportation of youth other than drop-off and pick-up at work sites, note that you will ensure that adults involved adhere to the expectations described above under Adult Supervision.


Written/Printed Material

Optional. Where appropriate, include copies or descriptions of forms, posters, flyers, brochures, etc. that are part of your project.



If appropriate, include a few carefully selected photographs of your project site before the project. Consider how these pictures, when combined with “after” photos, would best illustrate your project.


Approval Signatures for Project Plan

Signatures are not required for you to submit your plan to the District Eagle Committee chair for review. Prior to final approval by the district, however, you must obtain the original, dated signatures of each of the other individuals specified in the workbook.


Much of the content of this outline is based on the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Planning Guide ( by Randall Smith, whose contributions are gratefully acknowledged.


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