Rita Fuchs Lokensgard, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology and Curriculum in Neurobiology



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Department of Psychology
University of North Carolina
CB# 3270, 121 Davie Hall
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Phone: 919-843-9112
Fax: 919-962-2537
e-Mail: rfuchs@email.unc.edu


Ph.D. Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience Program, Arizona State University, 2000

M.A. Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience Program, Arizona State University, 1997

B.S. Psychology, Summa Cum Laude, Arizona State University, 1993

Exposure to drug-associated environments (e.g., drug-taking neighborhood) and explicit drug-associated stimuli (e.g., paraphernalia) elicits craving and relapse to drug seeking. Research in our laboratory focuses on studying the neural mechanisms of environmentally-induced motivation to seek cocaine.  Research in my lab utilizes behavioral, molecular, neuroanatomical, and histological techniques as well as neuropharmacological, epigenetic and soon optogenetic manipulations.  For more information about my research and the students in my lab, please click on the links provided in the side bar.