University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Geometric Methods in Representation Theory Seminar

Fridays 4pm, PH-367 or PH-385

The aim of this seminar is to bring speakers from this area and outside to speak on topics related to Representation Theory (specially geometric and topological methods employed in Representation Theory). The speakers are expected to give their talks at a level suitable for graduate students.

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2016 Spring
date room speaker affiliation title
March 25 PH-??? Ivan Loseu Northeastern University TBA
February 19 PH-??? Linhui Shen Northwestern University TBA
2015 Fall
date room speaker affiliation title
October 2 PH-385 Colleen Robles Duke Horizontal Schubert Varieties
October 9 PH-385 Prakash Belkale UNC Triviality properties of principal bundles over singular curves
November 6 PH-385 Michael Abel Duke Categorified one-column Young symmetrizers and Stable Khovanov-Rozansky homology of torus links
November 13 PH-385 David Swinarski Fordham Vector partition functions for conformal blocks

2015 Spring
date speaker affiliation title
April 17 Michael Schuster UNC Parahoric bundles and reductions of conformal blocks
April 10 Howard Garland Yale University Cuspidal Eisenstein Series on Loop Groups
March 27 Ramesh Sreekantan Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore Algebraic Cycles and the Fundamental Group
March 20 Larry Rolen Cologne, Germany Negative index Jacobi forms, Kac-Wakimoto characters, and quantum modular forms
February 19 (Th, 4pm) V. Srinivas Tata Institute Algebraic versus topological entropy for surfaces over finite fields

2014 Fall
date speaker affiliation title
November 21 Peter Fiebig Nürnberg Modular sheaves, modular representations and Lusztig’s conjecture
September 5 Dan Orr Virginia Tech Specializations of nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials at infinity

2014 Spring
date speaker affiliation title
April 4 Angela Gibney University of Georgia Conformal blocks and the birational geometry of the moduli space of curves
March 31 (Mo, 2:30pm PH-224) Dima Arinkin University of Wisconsin How to prove the geometric Langlands conjecture
March 28 Daniel Nakano University of Georgia Tensor Triangulated Geometry with Applications to Classical Lie Superalgebras
March 21 Swarnava Mukhopadhyay University of Maryland Rank-level duality and Conformal Blocks divisors
February 21 Anders Buch Rutgers Quantum K-theory
January 24 Merrick Brown UNC A study of saturated tensor cone for symmetrizable Kac-Moody algebras

2013 Fall
date speaker affiliation title
November 22 Andras Szenes University of Geneva Quantization commutes with reduction and multiplicities
November 15 Jesse Kass University of South Carolina Combinatorics and geometry of the universal compactied Jacobian
November 1 Michael Thaddeus Columbia University Group compactifications and principal bundles on nodal curves
October 25 Richard Rimanyi UNC Cohomological Hall Algebras and Thom polynomials for Dynkin quivers III
October 11 Richard Rimanyi UNC Cohomological Hall Algebras and Thom polynomials for Dynkin quivers II
September 27 Richard Rimanyi UNC Cohomological Hall Algebras and Thom polynomials for Dynkin quivers I
September 20 Ivan Loseu Northeastern University Counting finite dimensional irreducibles for quantizations of symplectic resolutions

2013 Spring
date speaker affiliation title
April 12 Alexander Soibelman UNC The very good property for parabolic bundles, quiver representations, and the additive Deligne-Simpson problem
April 5 Leonardo Mihalcea Virginia Tech Quantum K-theory ring and its properties
April 5 Samuel Evens Notre Dame Eigenvalue coincidences and K-orbits on the flag variety
March 28 Pavel Etingof MIT Representations of rational Cherednik algebras with minimal support and torus knots
March 8 Steven Sam UC Berkeley Homology of Littlewood complexes
February 22 Christian Ikenmeyer Texas A&M Explicit lower bounds via geometric complexity theory
February 1 Swarnava Mukhopadyay UNC Rank-level duality for conformal blocks of type SO(2m+1) in genus 0

2012 Fall
date speaker affiliation title
November 16 Bhairav Singh MIT Twisted Satake category
November 9 Siddartha Sahi Rutgers Littlewood-Richardson coefficients for Macdonald polynomials
November 2 Pablo Solis UC Berkeley A wonderful embedding of the loop group
November 2 George Lusztig MIT Hecke algebras and involutions in Weyl graphs
October 26 Joseph Landsberg Texas A&M On the complexity of matrix multiplication

2012 Spring
date speaker affiliation title
April 13 Alex Fink NC State K-classes for matroids and equivariant localization
January 27 Inka Klostermann UNC Generalization of the MacDonald Formula for Hall-Littlewood Polynomials
January 20 Joseph Landsberg Texas A&M Geometry and the Complexity of Matrix Multiplication

2011 Fall
date speaker affiliation title
November 18 Leonardo Mihalcea Virginia Tech T.B.A.
November 11 Matt Willis UNC T.B.A.
November 4 Thomas Lam University of Michigan Projected Richardson varieties
October 14 Evgeny Feigin Moscow Degenerate flag varieties
September 30 Stephen Griffeth University of Talca, Chile Unitary representations of rational Cherednik algebras
September 16 Patricia Hersh NCSU Symmetric chain decomposition for cyclic quotients of Boolean algebras and relations to cyclic crystals

2011 Spring
date speaker affiliation title
March 25 Ed Richmond Vancouver Littlewood-Richardson coefficients for Kac-Moody flag varieties
March 25 Karin Baur ETH Orbit structure in the nilradical of a parabolic subgroup
March 18 Nimish Shah Ohio State University Counting points on orbits of geometrically finite hyperbolic groups
March 4 Sergei Fomin University of Michigan Total positivity and cluster algebras
February 25 Andrei Caldararu University of Wisconsin A study of derived self-intersections
February 18 Prakash Belkale University of North Carolina Unitarity of KZ/Hitchin connection on conformal blocks in genus 0 for arbitrary Lie algebras
February 11 Sami Assaf M.I.T. Applications of dual equivalence

2010 Fall
date speaker affiliation title
November 12 Zhiwei Yun Springer representations and Hitchin fibrations
November 5 W. Graham Smooth components of Springer fibers
October 1 S. Evens Intersections of Schubert cells and orbits of real semisimple Lie groups
September 1 Leonardo Mihalcea Varieties of rational curves in flag manifolds

2010 Spring
date speaker affiliation title
April 9 B. Kostant
March 26 Ivan Losev
March 19 Xinwen Zhu
February 12 S. Sahi

2009 Fall
date speaker affiliation title
November 6 A. Henderson
October 30 V. Balaji
October 2 S. Kanan
September 11 Arzu Boysal

2009 Spring
date speaker affiliation title
April 24 Kailash Misra NC State University Bosonic realizations of toroidal Lie algebras of classical types
April 17 N. Mohan Kumar Washington University Arithmetically Cohen-Macaulay rank 2 bundles on hypersurfaces
April 3 Weiqiang Wang University of Virginia Representations of Lie Superalgebras in Prime Characteristic
February 6 Ketan Mulmuley University of Chicago P vs NP, Geometric complexity theory
January 16 Vyacheslav Futorny University of Sau Paulo, Brasil Fibers of characters in Gelfand-Tsetlin categories

2008 Fall
date speaker affiliation title
November 14 Ivan Losev M.I.T. W-algebras
November 7 Leonardo Mihalcea Duke University Double Schubert polynomials for the classical groups
October 10 Dave Anderson University of Michigan Positivity in the equivariant K-theory of flag varieties
October 3 Patricia Hersh NC State Regular cell complexes in total positivity
September 26 Madhav Nori University of Chicago Galois and Motivic Galois Groups, Continued

The seminar is organized by Shrawan Kumar.

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