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About myself:

Courses Taught:

    JAPN105  Advanced Japanese
    JAPN106  Topics in Japanese Society and Culture
       Students' Culture Projects (Archives): Spring 2001 (Internet Explorer on Windows only)
    JAPN119  Structures of Japanese
    EDUC 83  Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages
    EDUC150  Language Minority Students: Issues for Practitioners
    EDUC278 (5) Culture and Politics in Second Language Education

Major Publications:

Kubota, R., & Catlett, S. (2008). Spanish only for foreign language at the elementary school (FLES): Competing discourses in local language policy. Foreign Language Annals, 41, 102-118.

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TESOL Quarterly, 40, (3), 471-493.

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Kubota, R. (2001). Teaching World Englishes to native speakers of English:  A pilot project in a high school class.  World Englishes, 20 (1), 47-64.

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