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Associate Professor
Department of Social Medicine - UNC - Chapel Hill

Adjunct Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy - UNC - Chapel Hill

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    Social Medicine
    MacNider Hall
    CB #7420
    UNC - Chapel Hill
    Chapel Hill, NC
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My philosophical research interests are in the areas of bioethics and practical ethics methodology. My topical work in bioethics has focused on: the allocation of health care resources, animal research ethics, and the concept of autonomy. My focus on practical ethics methods has been through a virtue ethical approach to animal issues and other areas of practical ethics and in studying ethics methods and framing within ELSI (the Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of the Human Genome Project).

I came to the UNC Department of Social Medicine with an adjunct appointment in the Philosophy Department in July of 2003. I am also core faculty in UNC's new Center for Bioethics. In Philosophy, I regularly teach ethics and bioethics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In Social Medicine I teach the “Medicine and Society” course for first year medical students as well as medical ethics and health care allocation courses for second year medical students. I also co-direct the education service for the UNC hospitals and am a member of the UNC Hospital Ethics Committee. My work in ELSI research is as a co-investigator in the UNC Center for Genomics and Society. In the recent past, I served on the advisory board for the Policy, Ethics, and Law core of the Southeast Regional Center of Excellence for Emerging Infections and Biodefense. I am a fellow in the Parr Center for Ethics at UNC.