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Scott F. Rockart

Assistant Professor
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
(919) 962-3214


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Recent Publications


The Rate and Potential of Capability Development Trajectories” (with Nilanjana Dutt) Published Online November 2013 Strategic Management Journal (see the Video Abstract for the paper posted by the Strategic Management Journal)

Does Interdependency Affect Industry Profitability: An Empirical Test - Strategic Management Journal (2010) 32(2): pp.121-139. (with Michael Lenox and Arie Lewin)

System Dynamics and Strategy - System Dynamics Review (2008) 24(4): pp.407-430 (with Shayne Gary, Martin Kunc, and John Morecroft)

Interdependencies, Competition and Industry Dynamics - Management Science (2007) 53(4): pp. 599-615 (with Michael Lenox and Arie Lewin)

Interdependency, Competition, and the Distribution of Firm and Industry Profits - Management Science (2006) 52(5): pp. 757-772. (with Michael Lenox and Arie Lewin)