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Scott F. Rockart

Assistant Professor
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
(919) 962-3214


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Recent Publications


The Rate and Potential of Capability Development Trajectories” (with Nilanjana Dutt) Published Online November 2013 Strategic Management Journal

Does Interdependency Affect Industry Profitability: An Empirical Test - Strategic Management Journal (2010) 32(2): pp.121-139. (with Michael Lenox and Arie Lewin)

System Dynamics and Strategy - System Dynamics Review (2008) 24(4): pp.407-430 (with Shayne Gary, Martin Kunc, and John Morecroft)

Interdependencies, Competition and Industry Dynamics - Management Science (2007) 53(4): pp. 599-615 (with Michael Lenox and Arie Lewin)

Interdependency, Competition, and the Distribution of Firm and Industry Profits - Management Science (2006) 52(5): pp. 757-772. (with Michael Lenox and Arie Lewin)